What To Expect With Our Move In – Move Out Clean

When you hire us for house cleaning services, you’re going to get exactly what you paid for and that’s the most complete, most thorough professional housekeeping services available! When you hire us, below is what you’ll expect with our house cleaning services. Remember, if you want a specific service done for your home, we will customize the cleaning of your home to meet your needs and expectations. Just let us know what you need to be done and we’ll make a note to incorporate it in your residential or commercial cleaning services.


  • All Cabinet fronts deep scrubbed and polished
  • Inside all cabinets, drawers, pantry ( deep clean )
  • Deep wash refrigerator ( inside and out )
  • Deep clean and shine appliances· Clean stove top and burner pans
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Counter tops and backsplashes (deep washed, disinfect & Shine)
  • Stovetop and drip pans deep scrubbed
  • Stove-top and backsplashes (deep washed)
  • Sink(s) (deep scrub, disinfect and shine)
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor


  • Deep scrub and disinfect sink, toilet, and tub – inside and out
  • Tub / Shower and tiles cleaned (double scrubbed if build up)
  • All bathroom counters (deep scrub and disinfect)
  • Fixtures cleaned
  • Cabinet fronts ( deep scrub & shine )
  • Spot clean mirror and shower doors
  • Deep wash door frames, raised panels, window ledges, etc.
  • Sweep and mop floor on hands  and knees

Throughout House

  • Baseboards (deep washed & Shined )
  • Blinds and shutters (vacuumed or deep washed) Mini-Blinds ( deep washed & Shined)
  • Deep wash & Shine moldings, woodwork, and window sills
  • Ceiling fan blades (deep washed & Shined)
  • Light fixtures (hand washed in place / not removed)
  • High dust ceilings for cobwebs
  • Spot clean walls, doorjambs, and light switches for fingerprints
  • All doors (deep washed and shinned)
  • Stairs (vacuumed, wood washed)
  • Floors (vacuumed and/or mopped includes closets)
  • Vacuum all carpet crevices (crevice along the edge where bugs, animal hair, carpet fibers collect)
  • Clean or dust hanging light fixtures and fans, as needed
  • Deep wash stairs, banister and railing
  • Clean inside and outside of fireplace and mantel


At Tiffany Maid, we’re proud to say that our residential cleaning services are award-winning and will give you the cleanliness you want in your home or business. Contact us today to get started!


The Fine Print: 
• We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.
• Cleaners are not allowed to step higher than a 2 step stepstool.
• We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive build up may require an additional charge.
• Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave; we try to limit the dust in the air but cannot prevent this entirely.
• Cleaning is by appointment only. If we are unable to gain access to the home or are turned away at the time of cleaning, there is a $50 service fee.