We all have days that feel like they go on and on; instead of coming home after those never ending days to a mess, arrive to find that your home is impeccably prepared for your arrival. With professional cleaning services, you’ll never come home to a house that isn’t spotless. You might be wondering if it’s really worth it to hire a house cleaning service because you may feel like you can do a better job; however, sometimes it’s nice to have clean things without you having to tire yourself out to do it.

What To Expect With Our House Cleaning Services

When you hire us for house cleaning services, you’re going to get exactly what you paid for and that’s a spotless house. If you have young children or animals, then you know how much of a gift a professional cleaning service can be. Even if it’s just you and your partner, it can still be nice to eliminate the argument of who is going to clean. When you hire us, below is what you’ll expect with our house cleaning services. Remember, if you want a specific service done for your home, then we’re able to accommodate you. Just let us know what you need to be done and we’ll make a note to incorporate it in your residential cleaning services.

The Kitchen

When you come into the kitchen, we’ll have cleaned the counters, the sink, and have taken out the trash. If you have dishes in the sink before our arrival, we encourage you to put them in the dishwasher or clean them before we arrive. We want to pay attention to special, problem areas, not focus on doing the dishes. We’ll make sure to mop and vacuum in the kitchen as well so there are no lingering crumbs etc. to attract unwanted pests.

The Living Room

Depending on if you have kids or pets, you will want to put away any toys that might be lingering on the floor. Again, like the dishes, you probably don’t want to pay for our time with organizing items that are easily sorted by you. When it comes to the living room, we’ll clean, dust, and even plump the pillows. If you have any broken items, we strongly suggest letting us know before hand so no misunderstandings occur.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can sometimes hold the most germs, which is why we’re going to give it a nice scrub through with our cleaning materials. By cleaning the toilet, sink, shower, and taking out the trash, you’re able to eliminate many of the germs that inhabit the bathroom. If you want to put away your toothbrush and your other hygiene products, then we strongly encourage this so we can get to those hard to reach places in your bathroom.

The Bedrooms

If you want us to stay out of the bedroom or only do specific cleaning services in there, then just let us know. For the most part, when it comes to the bedroom we’ll focus on making the beds, cleaning the windows, doing some dusting, and organizing anything you need to be done. Keep in mind that we don’t do anything unless you let us know otherwise what may be outside of our usual realm of professional cleaning services.

At Tiffany Maid, we’re proud to say that our residential cleaning services are award-winning and will give you the cleanliness you want in your home. Contact us today to get started!